(515999) Maker of Maui’s Ocean Vodka expanding into the rum business.

The maker of Maui’s Ocean Vodka will introduce what it calls ultra premium organic rum next month.Hawaii Sea Spirits will unveil the new Deep Island Hawaiian Rum at its Hawaii Sea Spirits Organic Farm and DIstillery in Kula on Monday and will start sel… Read more at: MFRSearch

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(515981) Kia Motors to Build Its First Auto Assembly Plant in Mexico.

MEXICO CITY – South Korean carmaker Kia Motors on Wednesday announced plans to build its first auto assembly plant in Mexico. The $1 billion plant is to be built near the city of Monterrey in northern Mexico and would begin… Read more at: MFRSearch

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U.S. journalist thankful for work to secure freedom

A U.S. journalist speaking publicly for the first time since his release from a Syrian extremist group said Wednesday that he was overwhelmed to learn that so many ‘brave, determined and big-hearted’ people were behind efforts to secure his release. Re… Read more at: Veteran Linked Local Network

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Made in Illinois Featured Company: New Era Windows

New Era Windows is a worker-owned windows manufacturer based in Chicago. With decades of experience manufacturing windows, in 2012 we decided to buy the factory for ourselves and fire the boss. We now own the plant together and run it democratically. Today, New Era Windows provides professional-grade energy efficient windows at a revolutionary price. Our […]

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A new media monolith – The Economist

The Economist A new media monolithThe EconomistVIDEO GAMES were once thought to be the preserve of certain types of people, playing alone in dimly-lit rooms. But for the players of “Dota 2″, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game, who gathered in Seattle, Washington in mid-July, the …Video Games As A Spectator Sport? CBS LocalWhy […]

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