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Rolling Thunder B2B referrals is accepting applications.

    Are you ready to have clients “rain” down on you? Consider joining Rolling Thunder referrals. What is Rolling Thunder referrals? Rolling Thunder referrals is an exclusive B2B referral group that is now accepting applications for the newest group. The group seeks to develop long term, mutually beneficial beneficial business relationships. The geographic area […]

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Why the Mad Max video game is missing the movie’s badass female fighters – Ars Technica (blog)

Ars Technica (blog)Why the Mad Max video game is missing the movie’s badass female fightersArs Technica (blog)Hot damn, was the new Mad Max movie a blast to watch. Cars! Guns! Giant desert races! That guitar! It’s the kind of flick that an Ars staffer can’t see without imagining a muscle car’s cockpit and saying, “I […]

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4 Ways Video Games Can Improve Your Financial Skills – The Cheat Sheet

The Cheat Sheet4 Ways Video Games Can Improve Your Financial SkillsThe Cheat SheetAre you looking for innovative ways to learn about or teach personal finance? One way to accomplish this is through playing games. Financial video games, apps, and board … Read more at: Video Games copy

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Cheers! Bubbly ‘Champagne Flow’ of Stars Revealed in New Image, Video

A dramatic new picture of young stars shows captures a cosmic “champagne flow” as the stars blow away hot hydrogen gas around them. The image was captured by the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope in Chile. Read more at:

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Can Video Game Mechanics Be “Trashy”? – PopMatters

PopMattersCan Video Game Mechanics Be “Trashy”?PopMattersWhat makes me especially feel that paralleling speed in video games with the pornographic in visual media is an appropriate parallel to make is the nature of the earliest American first person shooters. From Castle Wolfenstein to Doom to Duke Nukem to … Read more at: Video Games copy

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Motivational dos and don’ts that leaders need to know

Every manager discovers through experience that not all employees are motivated the same way. How you push one staffer’s buttons might not be the best strategy for another staffer. But there are some motivational “Dos” and “Don’ts” that resonate with just about everyone: Do reward teams and individuals Group rewards and recognition are just as important […]

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