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Rolling Thunder B2B referrals is accepting applications.

    Are you ready to have clients “rain” down on you? Consider joining Rolling Thunder referrals. What is Rolling Thunder referrals? Rolling Thunder referrals is an exclusive B2B referral group that is now accepting applications for the newest group. The group seeks to develop long term, mutually beneficial beneficial business relationships. The geographic area […]

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Warp in Space-Time Swallows Pulsar

Astronomers have watched a pulsar some 25,000 light-years from Earth slip from view, swallowed by a companion star’s warp in the fabric of space-time. This wacky effect is one more example that proves Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Read more at:

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Nvidia pitches Shield video game console for the living room – CNET

Wall Street Journal (blog) Nvidia pitches Shield video game console for the living roomCNETThe Shield, for example, will use Android TV, which allows tablet and games apps to run on a television set. The console will also connect to Nvidia’s Grid service, which can stream video games over the Internet much like Netflix can stream […]

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