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Best Accounting Software – Review Top 10 Systems for 2015

There is a vast array of financial management solutions on the market today, with specialized functionality for almost any industry or size of organization. Specific types of accounting can differ between programs (e.g., project, fund and fixed asset), and the ever-changing standards, compliance requirements and technology platforms make the process of selecting a solution tricky. […]

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Best Business Intelligence (BI) Software – Review Top 10 Systems for 2015

Business intelligence (BI) software has gained considerable traction since its introduction as “decision support systems” in the 1960s. Today, there are over 100 BI software companies selling some type of business intelligence tool. The BI market is growing rapidly because of the proliferation of data to analyze and the demand for tools that can analyze […]

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Do you need to send that e-mail? 3 ways to check yourself

Even though there are more communication tools available than ever before, most managers still use e-mail.  That doesn’t mean everyone thinks first before sending e-mail though. Here are three questions you should ask before sending e-mail that will save you and everyone else time: 1. Do I really need to send this? Everyone complains about their […]

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If can they see it, they’re more likely to remember it

When people hear info, they’ll typically remember only 10% of it three days later. Add one or more images to a presentation though, and most folks will remember about 65% of the info they hear! Bottom line: It doesn’t necessarily matter if you’re a captivating speaker or the info you’re presenting is interesting to the […]

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We gave employees a top 10 FAQ for their Payroll questions

Your staffers have enough on their plates. They can’t be answering the same questions and handling the same problems over and over again.  Here’s one way to handle common issues that come up with system changes, notably Payroll upgrades. Consider this real-life success story from  Ronald Moser, HR supervisor for Kenmore-Tonawanda Schools, who spoke at the […]

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Fixed Assets Primer

In today’s current regulatory and highly competitive business environment, asset management is taking on far greater importance than in the past, with closer scrutiny of return on investment, as well as full disclosure of financial asset information. While the concept of an asset is fundamental to business accounting, for many organizations fixed assets management is […]

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Form-a-palooza! IRS blitzes with a slew of much-needed Finance docs

As if your finance department wasn’t juggling enough paperwork right now! IRS has been on a form-generating blitz to update key documents for 2015 and beyond. Are your staffers working off the most recent versions? 4 you need now Take a look at the most recent updates from the Taxman to ensure your finance department […]

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Slackers hurt teams in lots of ways: 4 action steps

Slackers can drag down a workplace in more ways than one. The most obvious effect is others have to work harder to get things done. And that can lead to everyone’s morale going down. Over time, slackers poison the well. Employees who work alongside a slacker over time will react in one of two ways […]

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