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Kazoos and Thomas the Tank Engine wristbands? New IRS spend-a-thon exposed

Another day, another government agency’s wasteful spending comes to light. Except this time it’s a particularly high-profile one: IRS.  Seems the agency that’s so concerned with what your company does with its money isn’t so great at controlling its own. That’s according to a letter sent by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Oregon) to […]

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2 surefire ways to make employees feel valued

Employees lose sight of “the big picture” if all they’re focused on are the same tasks every day. Even worse, they may become discouraged and unmotivated when they don’t appreciate the impact their job has on the rest of the company. Making them feel valued is a good way to increase their morale, performance and productivity. When […]

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Just because inventory is rising doesn’t mean costs must rise too

Many companies store more stock and supplies than financial pros like. Maybe your inventory levels are higher than you’d prefer right now. Even if that’s the case, it doesn’t mean you necessarily risk getting stuck with excess stock if business slows down. Or that your firm’s inventory-related costs should necessarily spike. Here are three ways companies can maintain […]

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What the IRS expects now when companies file electronically

The IRS reports that about one-third of employment tax returns were e-filed in 2014. For the record, that’s roughly 10 million of 30 million returns. Although electronic filing isn’t required, the IRS is considering how to increase those numbers. Bottom line: That means companies like yours may soon be facing pressure to e-file. Is your staff […]

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Best Budgeting & Forecasting Software – Review Top 10 Systems for 2015

The long-term survival of a business depends on its ability to establish a budget and operate within its confines. With the help of business budgeting software, businesses can forecast likely future expenses, plan for inflation, establish more precise and realistic budgets and have a greater chance of achieving ongoing profitability. The unbiased experts at Software […]

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3 stress-busters that will boost productivity too

It’s inevitable – everyone feels stressed with work sometimes.  A recent study found half of employees say they miss one to two days of work per year due to stress, and they sometimes come to work when they’re too stressed to be effective. If a staffer’s feeling stressed out, co-workers often feel the effects through […]

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Good news: More time to comply with Obamacare benefits reporting

There are major changes ahead for what the feds want in Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) statements. The good news? The SBC reg won’t be finalized until at least 2016. That gives employers like yours a good amount of breathing room until you must comply with the wholesale changes to the SBCs. Guidelines will be finalized […]

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Your finance staffers’ favorite part of their jobs is …

They may have a head for numbers, but that might not be what the members of your finance teams enjoy most about their jobs.  What likely gives them the most satisfaction? Problem solving. That’s what topped more than 2,600 accounting and finance professionals’ list in a recent survey from Robert Half International. Two in five […]

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