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Did you trust today

I just want to say that writing an article while on a moving train is quite an adventure. I ride the train maybe once a year from my far west suburban community into Chicago, for business. As I sat in my seat on the pleasantly warm train waiting for it to depart, it occurred to me […]

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7 Habits That Are Ruining Your Relationships

Whether it’s Entrepreneurs or parents, children or customers, I see my clients leading with beliefs and behaviors that sabotage their most important relationships. That is until, I show them a better path. As you know, the quality of your relationships = the quality of your life. Let’s take a look at where your relationship habits could […]

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Born to be offended

A colleague of mine (Sarah Victory) once said, “I think 10% of the people on the planet were put here just to be offended.” Some people are so easily offended you’d think they were born that way. Do you know anyone like this? I know fewer and fewer of them as I exercise my ability […]

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Thank you for showing me who you are – transforming anger into gratitude

Those who know me know that one of my foremost values is gratitude. Today I shared with someone how powerful gratitude can be at diffusing the anger that can arise when someone insults you. In this case, this young man reported becoming very upset when a friend insulted a sport he really enjoyed playing. His initial response […]

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Its better to be green

I see more and more people suffering from S.K.I.T. Syndrome. People who act like the Smartest Kid In Town on a particular issue and can’t wait to show someone else how wrong they are. Where does this get them? Would you believe, I got my first job NOT because I was the S.K.I.T., but because […]

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Tips for spotting your productivity gremlins

Growing up, my mother had a saying whenever one of our household appliances became glitchy, “It must be the gremlins.” For the uninitiated, a gremlin is a mythical creature that finds enjoyment from tinkering with or outright destroying technology. What does this have to do with productivity? For the purposes of our discussion, let’s think […]

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Brian R King

Stop self-sabotage in two steps

I had a meeting yesterday with several colleagues and one of them asked for advice on stopping the negative thinking that interferes with her ability to be productive on a daily basis. I offered her a two step strategy that I hope will be helpful for you as well. Step 1: The first thing that’s important […]

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How To Earn Immediate Credibility

Credibility in all areas of life has trust as its foundation. In business, if you don’t have trust you’re out of business. Below I’ve provided you with a list of several principles that I’ve found to be the quickest route to trust. Once you’ve earned trust, its up to you to keep it. When you’re scattered or […]

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