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Brian King SQR

It Isn’t Change You’re Afraid of, It’s Really . .

There’s a misnomer about people in general, people with ADHD and spectrumites specifically. The misnomer is the belief that we fear change. That isn’t correct, what we fear is uncertainty. The uncertainty about the problems we’ll encounter. Uncertainty about whether we’ll encounter problems we know how to solve or problems that will leave us feeling helpless […]

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Revenue Growth Vs. Cost Savings – Can’t They Co-Exist?

With the most recent economic downturn and slow recovery, we have all witnessed either personally or with companies we know well an abrupt transition from revenue growth and sales driven entities to lean and mean, cost cutting organizations and now possibly back again to revenue growth. This pendulum, depending on the market and economic conditions,  […]

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2014 NAB Show

2014 NAB Wrap Up

Still photographers and motion shooters love to get a “first”  look at “new gear”. Here are a few interesting items I saw last week at the NAB Show (National Association of Broadcasters): Cameras Black Magic Ursa A 4K camera at an affordable price (around $6,500) that will be shipping in July. They’re calling it the […]

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Jesus appeared in my sink

The Miracle

Last Sunday started out like any other day. I woke up early, had breakfast and read the Sunday paper. Then everything changed. I went upstairs to shower and found a miraculous event had occurred in the bathroom sink. Jesus appeared in my sink I’m not a religious person but felt I had to pay attention […]

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“EVERYTHING is Changing” … says one of the Upcoming Greater Chicago Networking Extravaganza Panelists

The online networking panel discussion at the upcoming Greater Chicago Networking Extravaganza will be interesting … and helpful to business people everywhere! Here’s what panelist Greg Wittstock, founder and CEO of Aquascape the leading innovator in the water gardening business, says in a recent blog: “ … But today EVERYTHING has changed. With the convergence [...]

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Learn More about Writing, Publishing and Book Promotion

Guest blog Francine Silverman, editor of Book Production Newsletter (, talks with Patricia Fry, a freelance writer and author of 41 books, including 11 related to writing, publishing and book promotion. Q: What should we do before even putting pen to paper? A: I always recommend that hopeful authors study the publishing industry before [...]

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Brian King SQR

How To Be OK When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Change is hard enough on its own, but when it comes in the form of people who don’t follow through on promises they make to you it’s especially frustrating. In this episode, Brian will share strategies to help make those situations more predictable as well as a way to determine if someone is going to actually keep […]

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Cloned Baby Dinosaur

Three Bizarre Stories

I’m always searching for new material and this week I found three incredible stories. 1. Scientists Clone Baby Dinosaur Jurassic Park is real! British scientists successfully cloned a dinosaur. The miraculous creature is an Apatosaurus named Spot. DNA was extracted from fossils and injected into an ostrich to create the clone. There’s no telling where […]

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Where is My Passion?

What an odd question, where is my passion?   I tried not to look puzzled as I was concluding my presentation about eliminating the fear of leaving your comfort zone.   A voice in the back of the room filled with job seekers and career changers was responding to my request to share their thoughts about following […]

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Tailor at Wrap Up Africa, Kampala, Uganda

Sewing to Save Lives

This photo was taken when we were in Uganda, working on the segment in our film about Wrap Up Africa.  This tailor is sewing to be able to pay for her child’s cancer treatments. Founder Letha Sandison established Wrap Up … Continue reading

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Greater Chicago Networking Logo_small

Join us at the Complete Networking Experience

• Want to learn more about how people actually use online networking tools to build relationships, increase sales and enhance their careers? • Want to know how to combine face-to-face with online networking to achieve maximum results? Then be part of the “Complete Networking Experience” by attending the 12th Greater Chicago Networking Extravaganza. It is [...]

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People watching, South Beach, Miami, Florida

“A Photograph is the Biography of a Moment”

Facebook can be a real time suck for me if I let it, but every once in a while I find out about something that makes a mark on me in some way.  Today, I saw an interesting story posted, about a photographer, Art Shay who was in his nineties.  Art was reflecting upon the […]

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Gail in Window1983

Seeing Opportunities

The interesting thing about getting older is the perspective that one gains in the process.  You realize that all those decisions that you’ve made over the years, ultimately led to pivotal points in your life.  Looking back, one either has regrets or is happy with the decisions they’ve made.  It’s usually a mixture of both. […]

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Why does search marketing matter so much?

Bing Ads Express for Small and Midsize Businesses: Quick and Easy Online Advertising You have seen the ads for Bing, but you haven’t tried it yet, right? When invited to take the Bing It On Challenge, participants chose Bing over Google for the web’s top searches. Try it for yourself at Now you know. […]

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Brian King SQR

The 5 Pillars of Success

One of the biggest challenges those on the Autism Spectrum or ADHD face, is how to resolve the disconnect they feel with the fast paced world we live in. In this episode, Brian will introduce you to 5 key abilities, including Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy that are key to creating a relationship with the world that makes life an experience of your […]

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Sheryl Sandberg wants to ban “bossy” and encourage girls to lead

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, is on a mission!  Following last year’s release of her controversial book “Lean In”, this month she launched a campaign to “Ban bossy.  Encourage girls to lead.”   An effort that will, hopefully, create more female leaders. Sandberg says that as a little girl she was called bossy, obviously, she was […]

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It actually is dark before a storm. It

Fractured Cliché #52

A while back I was talking to a friend who was going through a rough time. I listened to her and offered emotional support. In my attempt to say something that would make her feel better, I told her that it’s always darkest before the storm (Fractured Cliché). When she heard me say that, she […]

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Blank Business Card

Face-to-face Networking: 60-second Solutions: Read Business Card When You Get It

It’s such a simple, reflexive action; yet simple doesn’t always equate with easy … or instinctive. It is also vital and the proper protocol to pause and read someone’s card as you get it. The silence while you are reading each other’s cards is an accepted part of the communication process. It shows respect for [...]

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Brian King SQR

Executive Functions 101

From Working Memory to Time Management and beyond. In this extended episode Brian walks you step by step through the special skills referred to as Executive Functions – skills that enable us to take what we know and execute a plan to create the life we want. He’ll explain how deficits in these skills complicate the lives […]

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How to add news to your employee newsletter

We share birthdays of the month, engagements and baby arrivals. We announce dates for the Chairman’s visit and when the new phone system will be activated. We include photos from the company picnic and the division awards ceremony. But after the internal messages are communicated, what are we providing to help employees be more engaged, […]

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Using In-Memory to Save Time & Money

Time is our biggest commodity and yet when it comes to dealing with sluggish applications at work — we are willing to accept delays. Employees often feel resigned to the idea that accessing their data takes time. But it doesn’t have to. The key to speeding up your organization’s in-house applications is to unlock the […]

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Get Your Virtual Vacation Here

If you want to go on vacation but don’t have enough money, the first thing that probably pops into your mind is sending a stuffed animal so you can travel vicariously through its fake little eyes. Right? Japanese travel agency, Unagi Travel, thinks so. For the low price range of $35 to $55 (plus the cost […]

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clem and kennedy


I lost a good friend this week, Clem Taylor. The world lost a “good” man and a great storyteller.  Clem was an award-winning producer for 60 Minutes, no doubt his dream job. Clem loved “the news” and he loved “the story” and had a long and rewarding career in broadcast journalism. Looking around the room […]

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