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Gail shooting feature doc "Opening Our Eyes" at the Kopila Valley Primary School, Surkhet, Nepal

Labels, Finger Pointing, Fear, and the Real Value of Photography

I read an interesting blog post “On Real Photographers” by David duChemin recently. He talks about growing weary of the photographers’ complaints that “now everyone has a camera and suddenly everyone’s a photographer”. My first experiences of being part of a group of my peers did not go well. My memories of being in school […]

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The really smart way to get your computer desktop organized

Does your computer desktop look like the screen above? If yes, then we need to talk. I’ve seen many computer desktops like this, mine used to be one of them. With my Dyslexia my mind doesn’t always register when my eyes are looking at the folder I want. When my desktop was cluttered I’d often […]

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