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What Makes You Come Alive? – Journey of Discovery

Is it really possible for work to express your passion and unique gifts?  What’s the revolution going on in our relationship with work?  Join us on the On Purpose Show as we interview Sean Aiken, creator of The One Week Job Project – an inspiring journey across North America in which he worked 52 jobs […]

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What Knowledge Do You Need to be Successful in 2014?

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so” quipped Mark Twain, the great American humorist and social commentator. In sorting out what you know, what you don’t know, what you need to know, and what you know that ain’t so, my Tamara […]

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This is a great metaphor for contractors who can't quite reach the top - to win.

FSSI UPDATE! CONTRACTORS ATTEND! Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative to Be Discussed At President’s Management Advisory Board Meeting December 19, 2013 at 3PM

On the “Federal Sales Sherpa Show” we have featured a topic called the “Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative” and our guest, Prof. Samuel Bornstein has spoken on its effects on the industry several times. Host of the show, Eileen Kent, urges her listeners to get involved. “Listeners of the show and anyone involved in GSA Schedule […]

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Between-Dreams: Discovering Passionate New Direction

Are you in-limbo with lifework direction?  Have you outgrown a past dream, know what you don’t want, yet haven’t found a clear and passionate new dream?   If so, this Special Episode of The On Purpose Show is for you. Susyn Reeve and Rikk Hansen will explore this often unacknowledged, and critically important, secret to […]

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Rich Rafdahl

As a New Manager – It is Important to Ask the Tough Questions Up Front

When assuming a new management role either as a new or existing employee, it is vital that you are absolutely clear as to the expectations and objectives for the position assumed.  Even though you may be well versed on what was described in the job description, this may not provide you the full story of […]

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The Benefits of Volunteering-A Veteran’s Perspective

Posted on September 5, 2013 by STEVE     Volunteering can put you on the right path to finding employment opportunities. Today’s military is known as an all-volunteer force, but when we separate from the military we may not even think about continuing to serve our county by being a volunteer in the civilian world. [...]

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Take Back Your LIFE: From Burnout to True Balance

Do you feel like, with all life’s obligations, demands, and responsibilities, that you’ve lost your SELF? Have the needs of others taken over your life – leaving nothing left over for your own joy and purpose? Melissa Heisler, our guest on this week’s On Purpose radio show, say’s that “It does not have to be […]

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SURVIVING TO THRIVING: A Roadmap to Turn Crisis (no matter how bad) Into Opportunity

Have you had a successful dream come crashing down? Have important relationships suffering from the stress of an unexpected crisis? What if there was a way to shift from just surviving to truly thriving – even when still in the midst of disaster. Join us July 4th at Noon Central time for this interview with […]

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10 Smart Tips to Help You Land Your Next Interview

From the moment you send out your resume until you land the job and start work, you are still involved in the interviewing process. I’ve seen people lose a potential job after they’ve been hired all the way up to the day they start work. One wrong move and the employer can change his mind. […]

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Leo Markel

Job Seeker’s Tenacity Pays Off

Meet Leo Markel, Chicago area resident. In December 2009, Leo joined the ranks of the unemployed. Leo Markel   After an extended job search, Leo’s back at work. In April, he landed a position as the Controller for Skokie-based Midland Manufacturing. How did he find the opportunity? The company contacted him through LinkedIn. During the 39 months […]

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In Your Element: Showing up as Your Essential Self

Are you in a process of rediscovering your essential self?   Do you want to show up and shine more fully in every area of your life?   Barbara Carroll, our guest this week on the On Purpose show, supports self discovery and authentic self expression in an intriguing way – her image consulting business […]

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When Being STUCK is a Good Sign

Have you been hitting your head against a wall with some large life problem or issue? Money issues, relationship problems, mental and physical suffering… Looking for a new way forward? Sometimes on the way to lifework purpose we feel really STUCK. And this doesn’t necessarily mean we’re off track… Join us Thursday, May 9th at […]

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Dr. Pietro Savo Blog

“Communications equals (=) relationships” We are all in sales…

“We find ourselves engaged in the possible when; the possible represents the streamline approaches to encouraging others to achieve their highest potential.” Business monetization activity is relationship based. Winning new business or sustaining existing business is directly related to urgency. Understanding the urgency in the eyes of your customer can yield you greater business opportunities. […]

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It really comes down to term limits!

Our founding fathers recognized the importance of having citizen politicians. Citizen politicians defined over 237 years ago as people who participate in the political process, and these people come from all walks of life, such as farmers, businesses, law practices, inn keepers, chimney sweepers and schoolteachers. These citizen politicians participated in the people’s government result […]

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