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Nothing beats those Excel shortcuts!

Finance pros have a love-hate relationship with using Excel.  On the one hand, spreadsheets are a necessary evil that you can’t get away from. The downside: Finance pros wish it was a lot easier to master the features and “shortcuts” in Excel. There are so many valuable shortcuts that some of these may not apply […]

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Make staffers more accountable and reap the rewards

Holding staffers accountable for the work they do is a day-in, day-out job. You may be tempted to let some folks off the hook sometimes. But letting a staffer slide more than once can lead to a pattern of behavior that’s hard to break. And if they’re taking financial rules lightly, it could be putting […]

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Fast, effective and funny ways to reduce personal debt

Depending on your viewpoint, you’ll either chuckle or frown when you read about this risky debt-reducing strategy. Harvard graduate and Dell employee Joe Mihalic paid off $90,000 in student-loan debt in under a year. First things first, the 29-year-0ld Dell employee started carrying a flask of booze with him out at bars. (Good thing no […]

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Solving Real Business Issues During the ERP Selection Process

The search for the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provider can be stressful, particularly when both the buyer and the vendor get stuck in the features or technical requirements and forget about the bigger picture. In this Focus Experts’ Briefing report, Focus experts share their recommendations on how to focus on real business issues when […]

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Straight Talk About Fixed Assets Software

Today, to expand reach and market share, virtually every general ledger (G/L) vendor provides some fixed assets management capability. The regulatory environment has shifted, creating new complexities and a whole new level of scrutiny applied to the practice of accounting. In this challenging new environment, choosing the right fixed assets software has never been more […]

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Danish Via Venture Partners take over Finnish Profit Software

Via Venture Partners, a Nordic multi-stage private equity firm acquires 100% of the shares in Finnish Profit Software Oy. The majority of the shares are acquired from funds managed by CapMan. The press release issued by Via Venture Partners does not mention any injection of new capital in Profit Software Oy. Profit Software is providing software and associated […]

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Is that employee sick-sick or just sick of working?

Social media is helping employers spot fraud in all kinds of ways. For example: Nearly one in four (24%) of employers have caught an employee faking sickness by checking sources like  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. A new CareerBuilder survey shows that workers calling in sick when they feel perfectly fine isn’t going away – it’s […]

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Where businesses – and CFOs – love to do business

How does your state rank for its business climate? Once again, Chief Executive magazine polled CFOs, controllers and financial executives for their take on which states are best to do business in. Survey respondents weighed factors such as tax rates, regulatory burdens, the job candidate market, traffic, climate, etc. Here are the top 10: Texas […]

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