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Whose 401(k) plans are the most generous?

Employer-sponsored retirement savings plans are a dime a dozen! To make this list takes a lot more effort and coin.  Research firm BrightScope ranked which employers’ 401(k) plans are “most generous” to employees, based on four factors: whether employees are vested in their plans starting the day they begin working there how much companies contribute […] [MORE]

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Preparing Audit Ready Financials – Best Practices to Avoid Common Pitfalls

Independent external audits of GAAP financial statements are an inescapable reality for finance professionals. Cloud accounting software helps finance teams mitigate audit-related risks by streamlining and automating the organization of source materials; the documentation of accounting treatments; the calculation and reconciliation of figures; consolidation and close; and, ultimately, the preparation of financial statements. In this […] [MORE]

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The 5 KPIs that Matter for Professional Services

How will you outperform your competitors? By monitoring the financial metrics that matter. Through years of thorough research, Service Performance Insight has analyzed and identified the profit-centric measures that are highly correlated with financial success in professional services. Download the white paper, “The 5 KPIs that Matter for Professional Services,” to learn:  The importance and […] [MORE]

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The Essentials of CFO’s

The Essentials of CFO’s, brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your CFO related decisions. The following kit contents will help you get the most out of your finance research:  The Definitive Guide to Sales & Use Tax  Next Generation Risk Management  Fixed Assets Primer  The […] [MORE]

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Find 10% in Excess Capacity in Your Operations

Many organizations struggle with a lack of understanding around how employees spend their time. What percent is spent in value-added activities, and what percent is spent idle or on activities not directly related to work objectives? Which applications do employees access, when, and for how long? Do the applications correlate with employee roles and assigned […] [MORE]

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7 Steps to Easily Transform Accounts Payable from Manual to Touchless in an ERP Environment

Manual processing of vendor invoices presents a roadblock to the success of your accounts payable (AP) department and overall business objectives. As you look to automation to get your company on the right track, consider this guidebook your map along the 7-step path to AP automation success. Click here to learn more!  

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Feds aim to extend FMLA to all same-sex spouses

The DOL just took a major step toward guaranteeing same-sex married couples the same FMLA protections as other married couples — and giving employers some guidance on just what they’re supposed to do. The agency’s proposed rule that would apply to all legally wedded same-sex spouses, regardless of whether the state they currently reside in […] [MORE]

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The Right Way to Manage Your Cash Flow in QuickBooks

Are you managing your cash flow, or is it managing you? This one-page guide gives an overview of how you should manage your cash flow and highlights the shortcomings in QuickBooks cash flow reporting. Click here to learn more!  

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