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Signs that staffers don’t understand what you’re saying

Have you ever asked an employee to do something and didn’t get the results you wanted?  Most of us had that experience at one time or another. Sometimes you ask for one thing and they hear something completely different! How can you make sure staffers get your message loud and clear? Body language tells the tale […]

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Blackout! How will your company handle the headache?

Some parts of the country are familiar with rolling blackouts. Recent extreme weather (ice, snowstorms, etc.) have taught companies how how intermittent energy can grind business to a halt. The result? More businesses are focused on energy reliability as a key concern. For now, your best insurance against power outages are still portable generators. The […]

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Wait! Before you submit those W-2s, double check these two boxes

So by now you’ve gotten those W-2s into employees’ hands, but they likely haven’t been filed with the feds yet. And that’s a good thing.  Because it allows you and your finance staffers to give another once-over to two areas that have been causing particularly high error rates for your peers: Box 12, and Box […]

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Is that building site a great deal … or a money pit?

To buy or not to buy commercial space … that’s a question companies and CFOs wrestle with all the time.  Whether you’re looking to buy or rent space, keep this stat in mind: About $1.4 trillion worth of commercial real estate loans expired at the end of 2014. In roughly half of those cases, the […]

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When a staffer’s ready for more: 2 keys

They say good leaders instinctively teach and train people to eventually take over!  You may not be grooming your successor. But you might have someone in mind for a supervisor position, project leader or manager for another department. Here are two steps to take before making the move: 1. Gather feedback from multiple sources: You […]

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Hate networking? Here are 3 ways to make it less painful

Networking: Some CFOs love it, others can’t stand doing it.  Whether you love or hate it, networking can create connections that help boost business. So how can you network without hating it? Try these three steps: 1. Meet people You don’t have to go to a stuffy networking event to meet other Finance pros. Try […]

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Do your finance staffers trust you? 4 ways to earn it every day

You know the boss often makes or breaks an employee’s job experience. Even if you love your job, if you loathe your boss you’re probably not sticking around. But what if you’re not so sure you can trust your boss? What if you’re the boss and aren’t sure your staffers trust you? The folks at […]

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Who are the real workplace risks? 5 types to look out for

You know from experience that hiring certain types of people are a bigger risk than others. And you’re not wrong. According to Hogan Assessment Systems, there are six types of personalities that are more likely to engage in risk-taking behavior in the workplace. Hogan’s research was geared towards weeding out potential safety risks (employees who […]

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