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Step away from a tough problem and solve it sooner

Ever gotten stuck on a seemingly unsolvable problem? The reason for that could be you’re thinking about it too much. British researchers conducted a study where participants had to come up with as many uses for two cups as possible. One group had to read from the phone book for 15 minutes before brainstorming. The […]

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How to tell which staffers are ready for a bigger role

Companies are looking for good job candidates … … but surveys show they’re having trouble finding them. The solution for some companies is often right in-house. You may have one or more staffers in various departments who are more than capable of taking on additional responsibilities. Some may even be “born leaders” who can bring […]

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Asset Inventory Audits

This white paper explores the present state of audits of fixed assets, as well as what changes can be made to improve the process. When you consider a company’s internal controls, audits of fixed assets tend to be cumbersome, infrequent and perhaps the most routinely avoided. The quality of the underlying data is often out […]

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networking mistakes

4 top CFO networking mistakes: Do you make any of these?

No denying, networking is one of the best tools a professional has at his or her disposal. Whether you connect at an industry conference or online, having professional connections can be an invaluable resource.   Of course it requires some maintenance. And sometimes folks make missteps. It happens to the best of us, reminds a […]

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State of the economy: The good, bad and the ugly

What can businesses make of the latest Labor Department numbers? The good news: Worker productivity shot up 2.5% in the April-June quarter. The bad: That jump looks better compared with the 4.5% drop in January-March, coupled with the nightmarish 2.1% contraction in GDP. The good: Labor costs are up slightly (0.6%), which means workers are […]

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Before you do the deal, ask these 3 questions first

All CFOs would agree: You want the best deal possible from any vendor … … without sacrificing quality or safety, of course. Here are three questions to always ask when considering a bid: 1. Does the deal sound “too good?” Are the services offered for the quote significantly better – say 15% or more – […]

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New study reveals best defense against fraud

What’s the No. 1 way companies detect internal fraud? Employees speaking up about it. New research from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners finds employee tips prompt fraud investigations just over 34% of the time at companies with fewer than 100 employees. At firms with 100-plus workers, tips kick off 45% of fraud cases. The […]

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The cost of spreadsheets in fixed asset management

Spreadsheets have become one of the most prevalent software applications used by businesses. They are used for everything from simple calculations to impromptu databases. While inherently useful, spreadsheets are frequently used for tasks in which they are ill-suited. In fact, too many companies overlook the importance of accurate fixed asset tracking and rely on spreadsheets […]

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