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A Soldier digs into a First Strike Ration in the mountains of Afghanistan. Nutritional information about the First Strike Ration and other individual rations is now available at the online combat rations database.

Combat rations database allows Soldiers to learn about meals, ready-to-eat nutrition

When Soldiers rip open meals, ready-to-eat, also known as MRE, in a combat zone, most people probably are thinking more about flavor and filling their stomachs than about the nutrition. However, that does not mean nutrition is not important. The […] Read more at: Army News at Read more at: Veteran Linked Local Network

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The Consumer Research Team at the Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center has posted an online questionnaire that will help the center's Combat Feeding Directorate determine the direction it will take with future operational rations.

Research team shapes future of combat rations

What kinds of rations might the military be using to feed its warfighters 15 years from now? Seeking to provide a window into the future of combat feeding, the Consumer Research Team, or CRT, working on behalf of the Combat […] Read more at: Army News at Read more at: Veteran Linked Local Network

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Introduction: Anna Talarico

Hello everyone, Just as an introduction to this blog, my name is Anna Talarico. I currently live right outside D.C. in Silver Spring, MD. I am a recent graduate from University at Albany up in New York, where I am originally from. Down here, I am looking for a job and exploring the D.C. Metro […]

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Embracing Valentine’s Date Ideas. Need Inspiration?

     Tis the week to celebrate amore — Italian word for love — or être/tomber amoureux/-euse — French meaning “to be or fall in love” — and to express your romantic self whether you’re more like one of the Greek winged Erotes: Eros, otherwise known as Cupid (in Latin and English) the mischievous god […]

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Daniell Johnson of

Holiday & Winter Events from Travel Wisconsin on Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON

Listen here  Anybody not notice winter arrived in a big, cold way all over the country? Across the the nation the northerly blast of harsh temps, wind, and white stuff is pretty much making life miserable for most everyone, especially those states not used to winter’s worst. Here in Wisconsin, tough folks of the tundra, […]

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Healthy Eating Can Be Fun for the Whole Family

Coaxing your kids to eat a variety of healthy foods seems like an insurmountable task for many families. The produce aisle is a haven for health conscious parents, but how does a mom or dad succeed with so many junk food choices on the grocery store shelves? Recently, Cora Weisenberger, Tim Padgett and I posed […]

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“Community” Guests Educate People About Eating Healthy and the Plight of Hunger

By Marie Lazzara, host of “Community with Marie Lazzara” Encouraging people eat healthy is not that difficult to do unless you live in neighborhoods where there is no access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Last month, I had two “Community” guests “dish” about how they’re educating people to make meals with foods they may not […]

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Marie Lazzara

Community with Marie Lazzara Sept. 5 Show

On this show, Marie interviews people from the business and nonprofit sectors who work together to make their villages and towns better communities. This week, Marie and guest co-hosts Cora Weisenberger, LLN Food Columnist and Tim Padgett, President and CEO of Teer1 and founder and CEO of the public relations marketing firm The Pepper Group, will […]

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