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Introduction: Anna Talarico

Hello everyone, Just as an introduction to this blog, my name is Anna Talarico. I currently live right outside D.C. in Silver Spring, MD. I am a recent graduate from University at Albany up in New York, where I am originally from. Down here, I am looking for a job and exploring the D.C. Metro […]

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Mobile Doctors Partners with Cerner to Empower Communities to Manage Their Health

Cerner Corp. have announced that Mobile Doctors (MD 24-7), a physician helpline service headquartered in Dubai, will implement mobility solutions from Cerner to enable MD 24-7’s subscribers to access their electronic health record (EHR), schedule appointments and message with a doctor. “Cerner was chosen as our partner of choice given their unmatched EHR and population […]

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Healthcare System Loop of Self-Destruction Anatoliy Pak on The Empowerment Show

Healthcare System Loop of Self-Destruction Anatoliy Pak on The Empowerment Show

There is a lot of talk these days about the healthcare system and what can be done to provide more insurance to individuals in need.  But what if the concept of insurance was actually one of the problems with the United States healthcare system?  What if the problem was seeing Western medicine critical care as […]

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Constellation Software acquires Total Specific Solutions

Constellation Software Acquires Total Specific Solutions

Constellation Software Inc. (“Constellation”) (Toronto, Canada) have announced that it has, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Constellation Software Netherlands B.V. (“CSN B.V.”), entered into a binding agreement with the shareholders of Total Specific Solutions (TSS) B.V. (“TSS”), to purchase 100% of the shares of Netherlands based TSS, for a total purchase price of approximately €240 million […]

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IT Zealand

Why the €135M Healthcare Platform Project Went to Epic/NNIT

The Danish authorities have announced that they have chosen Epic/NNIT for the delivery and implementation of the new healthcare platform project. The project, which is estimated to require a €135M investment, will provide fully integrated IT functionality for the 40.000 healthcare workers in Zealand and should lead to improved healthcare services for the 2,5 million […]

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What Knowledge Do You Need to be Successful in 2014?

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so” quipped Mark Twain, the great American humorist and social commentator. In sorting out what you know, what you don’t know, what you need to know, and what you know that ain’t so, my Tamara […]

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Corey  Feinberg
Director of Clinical Training at NeuroQuest, Ltd.

The Mighty Mind with Joanne Telser-Frère & Corey Feinberg, Neurofeedback Specialist

The Mighty Mind Free Your Genius Within Click here to listen to the program Play music with your mind? Do puzzles using your brain power? Reprogram your own brain waves to normalize them? Sounds like science fiction but it is Neurofeedback (bio-feedback for the brain)! Our guest on THE MIGHTY MIND, Corey Feinberg, Director of […]

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Kate Miller , Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

The Mighty Mind with Joanne Telser-Frère and Kate Miller

The Mighty Mind Free Your Genius Within  Click here to listen to The Mighty Mind featuring Kate Miller Create change with the power of your mind! Kate Miller, Licensed Spiritual Practitioner,  is a lovely woman I met recently. Her beautiful smile and calm aura  immediately made me want to get to know her better. In […]

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