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Danny Duffy gets little help as Kansas City falls to the Angels

The Royals (23-24) watched a first-inning rally fizzle, recorded only two more hits the entire night and deepened their season-long disquiet. They entered the game ranked 14th in the American League in runs scored. Their effort on Friday did not help t…

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Leticia Romero still not released from K-State scholarship but can contact two schools

Kansas State has blocked former women’s basketball player Leticia Romero from receiving immediate financial aid from 94 schools in 13 conferences, including Wichita State. Her attorney said K-State has granted Romero permission to contact two schools n…

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As Nelson-Atkins opens Robert Morris’ ‘Glass Labyrinth,’ charging bulls go unseen

The Kansas City native’s first major piece for his hometown — the iconic “Bull Wall” at the American Royal — has largely lost its audience due to diminished traffic at Kemper Arena. And a key component of the artist’s original conception is not funct…

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