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Give Gwyneth Paltrow A Break – When Moms Need One

   With the ruckus raised last week by celebrity mom Gwyneth Paltrow E! interview and the Open Letter by Mackenzie Dawson in response — it’s clear a nerve was hit anew of the challenges mothers (and also fathers) face in juggling work-parenting demands.  (For refreshing practical parenting solutions for raising healthy Respectful, Responsible & Resilient kids and on how to Get the Behavior You […]

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Ask Dr. G: Parenting Expert, Mother, Deborah Gilboa, MD. – Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON

    Ask Dr. G – “When Parents are Effective, Kids Get Healthier” on Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON - Engaging Your Audience to TREND ON You! Listen here:  Got kids? Got questions? What parenting advice would you want to know if you could Ask Dr. G?  (For more parent perspectives, check out my blogpost: “Give Gwyneth Paltrow A Break – When Moms […]

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Why does search marketing matter so much?

Bing Ads Express for Small and Midsize Businesses: Quick and Easy Online Advertising You have seen the ads for Bing, but you haven’t tried it yet, right? When invited to take the Bing It On Challenge, participants chose Bing over Google for the web’s top searches. Try it for yourself at Now you know. […]

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No Foolin’ – April’s Shows are Showered with Spectacular Guests on Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON

     No Foolin’ – April’s shows are showered with spectacular guests to brighten up your personal and professional lives!  Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON will cover practical topics in always positive conversations (there’s enough negativity in the world — we’re trying to improve on that).  Here’s the Guest list, topics, & links for April’s schedule: 4/2/14 […]

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Fundraising & Business Development for Non-Profits on Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON If you are struggling to find funds for your non-profit, if you are frustrated with social media and     can’t find the right channels to expand your partnerships, if you don’t know where to begin your prospecting, then read on as well as give a listen to Andrey Gidaspov, connector of people and […]

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Tamara Leigh ~ Engaging Your Audience to TREND ON You!

How FashionPreneuers Parker Dusseau & Hövding Combine Smart AND Style. I love when smart and style are synonymous — when fashion fuses with function. To borrow the phrase from the trending Ford commercials, “And is better”, this is especially true when it comes to choices of wardrobe AND an active lifestyle… as in “Do I wear heels AND walk rather than drive?” or “Do […]

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Greater Chicago Networking Logo_small

“The Complete Networking Experience!”

We’re back, and we are creating “The Complete Networking Experience” just for you! The 12th Greater Chicago Networking Extravaganza combines both forms of networking … face-to-face and online … because both are vital to the art and science of relationship building. You’ll get an integrated look at the benefits of both and how and when [...]

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Embracing Valentine’s Date Ideas. Need Inspiration?

     Tis the week to celebrate amore — Italian word for love — or être/tomber amoureux/-euse — French meaning “to be or fall in love” — and to express your romantic self whether you’re more like one of the Greek winged Erotes: Eros, otherwise known as Cupid (in Latin and English) the mischievous god […]

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6 Videos on the future of telecoms

6 Videos on The Impact of Convergence Between IT, Telecom and Media

Jeff Cole of the Centre for the Digital Future and Strand Consult´s John Strand and Roslyn Layton discuss the impact of convergence between IT, telecom and media. Over the last 18 years Strand Consult has published strategic research about telecommunications and how it converges with information technology and media. This journey has been described in …

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The Perfect Stocking Stuffer for the Stylish Man: Pocket Squares

There’s a handful of handsome men in the public arena who need no adornment to turn heads, but since their “uniform” week after week is a suit and tie, I’ve been compelled to blog and tweet about 2 words: pocket squares. Not meant to be critical, but in writing about fashion and working as an […]

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Self-Publishing with Kim Bookless& Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON? Me? Yes!

*Show airs LIVE, Wed.11/27/13 at 10:00am CT & available for archival listens after via the link) Is writing a book on your to do list? What are your reasons for scripting that idea and making it happen? Are you the expert in your field and need the “new biz card” in the form of a […]

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From Summer of Fun to Fall of Fun

Here we are Labor Day weekend and if you’re like me, you’re thinking, “Where did summer go?” The bigger question I asked most of June, July, & half of August was “Is summer ever going to come?” as we had unusually cold weather much to my dismay. Weather woes aside, summer with it’s heightened happiness […]

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Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON Lawrence Kreiner, Event Planner Extraordinaire Do you have an upcoming event and want it to be better than amazing?  Wouldn’t you love to have the epitome of THE Wedding Planner? Join Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON with Heidi Feemster and our guest extrordinaire, Mr. Lawrence “Larry” Kreiner, Events Director at River Club of Mequon– a conceierge country club just […]

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News, Newspapers, and Communities

Segueway to Success Listen at – “Segueway to Success – Community News” Previous Archived Shows - On Demand – “Segueway to Success” talk radio podcast By: Brent Hamachek and Tom Kuchan Our “Segueway to Success” show, talking about our blog, airs each Wednesday at 15:00 CST.  Find today’s show and the archives on our web site: […]

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