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Regulators step up focus on cybersecurity at community banks

Federal regulators are urging community banks to monitor the vendors they use for a wide variety of business functions, as cybersecurity becomes a greater concern for U.S. companies.Click to Continue » Read more at: The Charlotte Observer — * Home Page Mapping ~ Top Stories

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Nintendo YouTube Affiliate Program Is ‘A Slap In The Face,’ Commentator PewDiePie Says

A number of users who stream video games via the popular video-sharing platform YouTube weren’t too happy with Nintendo Co. Ltd. after the company announced its new affiliate sharing program Thursday. PewDiePie , aka Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, a video-game commentator with about 5.11 million followers on Twitter and more than 34.16 million subscribers on […]

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15 hilariously bizarre sci-fi sports video games – Blastr

Blastr 15 hilariously bizarre sci-fi sports video gamesBlastrOne of the great things about “futuristic” video games from decades ago is that we can now look back and see how laughingly off-the-mark they were about the sports we’d be playing here in the 21st Century. It’s also just plain fun to see a game that … […]

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(570536) Building your brand: Stay true to yourself: Womens Conference.

Staff St. Louis Business Journal Developing an identity and authenticity were the underlying themes of the “Confidence in Branding (You)” roundtable discussion at the St. Louis Business Journal’s 10th annual Women’s Co… Read more at: MFRSearch

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