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West is back home with us

Our Canine Companions for Independence puppy, West was released from the service dog program because he has mild dysplasia.  He is not in any pain but the rigors of being a service dog would take its toll on him over time.  So, he is back with us and is now our pet.  He no longer […]

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94 to 2

Ninety-four bull shit comments, most don’t even make sense.  One genuine person, (Love you M) and one other comment that appears to be a real person.  So, again not motivated to dedicate hours to writing but continuing with living my life in a way to benefit not only myself but others as well. Our Canine […]

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Writing for who?

I’ve lost my interesting in writing, just writing.  Each day I continue to do good but just not write about it.  It takes a huge amount of time for me to write a post as I am compelled to write, re-write, search for pictures (which I had been told increases readership), check spelling, grammar, etc.  […]

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Our last month with pup in training, West

April 13, 2014 West is 16 months old now and will only be living with us for one more month.  OMG, I will miss this wonderful dog.  But, I know that he will be well cared for and loved by the trainers at Advanced Training at the Canine Companions for Independence facility in Ohio.  I […]

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Everyone needs a boost now and then

In response to some unexpected expenses, I had not choice but to focus my energies on making money.  I took on jobs that I did not necessarily want but took them on with my old fashioned work ethic.  Between working additional hours and dealing with our difficult winter, I lacked the mental and emotional energy […]

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Hair Donation After front

I donated my part grey, part dyed hair

Can hair that is dyed or has some grey can be donated?  Yes, as long as the hair is healthy.  Had I known this, I would have donated my hair a few years ago.  When I learned of this, I had just had several inches trimmed off so had to wait.  I waited and procrastinated […]

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Paper Shapes

A national fast food chain which shall remain nameless in this blog is promoting a fundraising event that leaves me disappointed. I maintain that all giving is good but that some ways of giving are better. In this scenario, the franchise restaurant is asking the public to donate either $1.00 or $5.00 for a worthy […]

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This is March?

No one expected March to be so cold and snowy.  This dreadful winter has both united and stressed us.  We agree that we’ve had enough and want this winter to be behind us, but some of us (no finger pointing) are getting a bit edgy.  We are tired of hunkering down, done being good sports […]

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