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SURVIVING TO THRIVING: A Roadmap to Turn Crisis (no matter how bad) Into Opportunity

Have you had a successful dream come crashing down? Have important relationships suffering from the stress of an unexpected crisis? What if there was a way to shift from just surviving to truly thriving – even when still in the midst of disaster. Join us July 4th at Noon Central time for this interview with […]

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In Your Element: Showing up as Your Essential Self

Are you in a process of rediscovering your essential self?   Do you want to show up and shine more fully in every area of your life?   Barbara Carroll, our guest this week on the On Purpose show, supports self discovery and authentic self expression in an intriguing way – her image consulting business […]

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Perspective on Purpose #1: A Map (Special Episode)

Feel lost and in-limbo with lifework direction? Uncertain how to move forward to discover renewed purpose & passion for a next chapter? When you feel off-track and in uncertain territory, sometimes the most helpful first step is to get a new perspective – a new map. Knowing where you are, understanding the territory, and seeing […]

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“Fear is a Liar

“Fear is a Liar” Fears, we all seem to have them, don’t we? Most of the fears we have aren’t real. They are silly movies we play in our minds over and over again, making them worse and worse. They are usually things that have already happened from our past that we wished we had […]

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“Communications equals (=) relationships” We are all in sales…

“We find ourselves engaged in the possible when; the possible represents the streamline approaches to encouraging others to achieve their highest potential.” Business monetization activity is relationship based. Winning new business or sustaining existing business is directly related to urgency. Understanding the urgency in the eyes of your customer can yield you greater business opportunities. […]

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