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What Makes You Come Alive? – Journey of Discovery

Is it really possible for work to express your passion and unique gifts?  What’s the revolution going on in our relationship with work?  Join us on the On Purpose Show as we interview Sean Aiken, creator of The One Week Job Project – an inspiring journey across North America in which he worked 52 jobs […]

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Tamara Leigh ~ Engaging Your Audience to TREND ON You!

How FashionPreneuers Parker Dusseau & Hövding Combine Smart AND Style. I love when smart and style are synonymous — when fashion fuses with function. To borrow the phrase from the trending Ford commercials, “And is better”, this is especially true when it comes to choices of wardrobe AND an active lifestyle… as in “Do I wear heels AND walk rather than drive?” or “Do […]

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Fabulous 50s and Beyond Telesummit

Are you growth oriented? Do you believe work & life should be rich with purpose and alive with passion and connection? Rikk Hansen and Susyn Reeve, co-hosts of the popular On Purpose radio show and podcast here with LinkedLocal Network, are part of a very positive event – The Fabulous 50s and Beyond Telesummit. It’s a […]

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Imagination Changes EVERYTHING

Are you wanting to make a change for the better in work or life?

 Yet wonder if it’s realistic, if it’s too late, or possible? Join us for an energizing On Purpose Show interview with Patti Dobrowolski, author of DRAWING SOLUTIONS: How Visual Goal Setting Will Change Your Life. Patti is the founder of Up Your Creative Genius, […]

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Tame the Restless Mind

Are you wanting to grow but find that old patterns and negative thoughts are in the way to living your purpose? How can energy healing and emotional release bring freedom to live the potential you sense?

 Join us for an engaging On Purpose Show interview with Laura Fine, Director of LionHeart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing. Laura […]

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Invitation to ReInvention!

Are you getting ready to Reinvent your work or some other central area of life? If so, there’s often more questions than answers… Where to begin? What’s the #1 way that people get stuck when attempting a big reinvention? And what’s essential for a fulfilling lifework reinvention? For this week’s On Purpose Show, rather than […]

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You Came Here to Grow: Tending Spirit & Community

Are you looking for ways to nourish your individual spiritual connection and to grow as a person? “I believe that a community of like-minded people create the best incubator for personal growth and transformation.” – Jessica Colp   This week’s On Purpose Show guest, Jessica Colp, is a Life Coach, Teacher, and Co-founder of Earth School.  […]

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Marriage Lifeline: Re-finding Purpose Together

Is your marriage in choppy water, or even in a full storm you”re not sure the relationship will survive?   “Very often a change of self is needed, more than a change of spouse” ~ Ana Loiselle This week’s On Purpose Show guest, Ana Loiselle, better known as the Marriage Rescuer, helps unhappy couples to open […]

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The Art of Placement: Change Your Energy, Change Your Life

Ready for change? What would you do if you had the chance to design your life - attract more money, feel more secure in your relationship or just be happy – would you take the first step? This week’s guest, Christine Conway, is a Life Design Expert who blends the art of Feng Shui and life coaching to help […]

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Between-Dreams: Discovering Passionate New Direction

Are you in-limbo with lifework direction?  Have you outgrown a past dream, know what you don’t want, yet haven’t found a clear and passionate new dream?   If so, this Special Episode of The On Purpose Show is for you. Susyn Reeve and Rikk Hansen will explore this often unacknowledged, and critically important, secret to […]

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Make Money Doing What You Love

Know what you’re passionate about but don’t think you can make a living doing it? Or, are you nervous to really know your purpose because you worry it might not provide the income and life you desire? Join us Thursday, October 24th at 10am pacific time, for an inspiring interview with Nicola Grace. Listen in […]

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Take Back Your LIFE: From Burnout to True Balance

Do you feel like, with all life’s obligations, demands, and responsibilities, that you’ve lost your SELF? Have the needs of others taken over your life – leaving nothing left over for your own joy and purpose? Melissa Heisler, our guest on this week’s On Purpose radio show, say’s that “It does not have to be […]

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The Journey of YES

Are you seeking the next, more true and passionate, direction for work and life? Something that’s a powerful “Yes” – both internally and out in the world?  Or, Do you have a clear purpose but struggle with how to communicate so that others will join you in a clear “Yes”? Join us for an inspiring […]

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50 Dates in 50 States: One Woman’s Journey to Positive Change

Are you looking for a new path? For new and lasting love? Or a whole new chapter – with work & life that express who you really are NOW? Then join us Thursday, September 12th at Noon Central, for an inspiring interview with Melanie Brocklehurst, coach and the author of, 50 Dates in 50 States: One Woman’s […]

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Endings As A Doorway to Purpose

Has work that used to be satisfying begun to feel stale? 
And the work & life you’ve built begun to feel too small for who you’re becoming? Or has something important come to an end? When you feel off-track and in uncertain territory, often the most helpful first step is the get a new perspective […]

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Money, Love & Purpose: Healing the Rift

Does money feel like a block to following your purpose? Have you put your big dreams on hold because you can’t “afford” it? If you’ve said, YES to either of these questions, then you’re ready to radically change your relationship with money and heal the rift between money and a life of passion & purpose. Listen […]

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Love, Belonging and the Need for Community

Are you immersed in interactions yet thirsty for real connection, belonging, and community? What if, instead competing for time and attention, community could be created as something  central in your life and business success? This Thursday, August 1st at 10am Pacific, join us for a rich conversation with international speaker and community building expert Sahar […]

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Use Your Words: Claiming Your Unique Voice

Are you listening for the value and unique contribution you have to offer?  Do you wonder if your talents, gifts and skills are unique enough (or, on the flip side, too specialized) to be successful in the marketplace? Join our conversation next week with Kate Hopper, author of Use Your Words: A Writers Guide for […]

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SURVIVING TO THRIVING: A Roadmap to Turn Crisis (no matter how bad) Into Opportunity

Have you had a successful dream come crashing down? Have important relationships suffering from the stress of an unexpected crisis? What if there was a way to shift from just surviving to truly thriving – even when still in the midst of disaster. Join us July 4th at Noon Central time for this interview with […]

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In Your Element: Showing up as Your Essential Self

Are you in a process of rediscovering your essential self?   Do you want to show up and shine more fully in every area of your life?   Barbara Carroll, our guest this week on the On Purpose show, supports self discovery and authentic self expression in an intriguing way – her image consulting business […]

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What is My Soul’s Purpose? Your Divine Blueprint

Is purpose a burning question for you currently? Are you seeking to go beyond the surface and live from the depth of your Soul? “You were born with everything you need to create the life of your dreams and live your soul’s purpose.” Says Shellie Nelson, our guest on this week’s episode of the On […]

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HA-HA to AH-HA: Humor Lighting the Way to Purpose

Are you experiencing confusion, uncertainty, and stress as you seek new clarity of purpose?  Looking for a way to get a new perspective, lift your spirits and enjoy the journey more?  Consider an unexpected source of enlightenment:  HUMOR. This weeks guest with Susyn Reeve and Rikk Hansen on the On Purpose radio show is jollytologist, […]

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Find Your Voice: From Fear to Fulfillment

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Or it no longer mattered what other people thought? Is there a book in you waiting to be born? Or a message you care deeply about and feel heeds to be shared? “Living an authentic life means standing firm in our dreams! It means not […]

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How to Leave Behind Stress, Tension, & Worry (without leaving your job!)

Feel like there’s no time for anything anymore? Overwhelmed with tension and anxiety, even on your days off? This week on the On Purpose radio show Rikk Hansen and Susyn Reeve interview Adam Timm, a Stress Consultant, Meditation Coach, Award Winning Speaker, and Bestselling Author. Hear Adam’s own journey from stressed-out to on-purpose.(And as a […]

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Dr. Pietro Savo Blog

“Communications equals (=) relationships” We are all in sales…

“We find ourselves engaged in the possible when; the possible represents the streamline approaches to encouraging others to achieve their highest potential.” Business monetization activity is relationship based. Winning new business or sustaining existing business is directly related to urgency. Understanding the urgency in the eyes of your customer can yield you greater business opportunities. […]

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It really comes down to term limits!

Our founding fathers recognized the importance of having citizen politicians. Citizen politicians defined over 237 years ago as people who participate in the political process, and these people come from all walks of life, such as farmers, businesses, law practices, inn keepers, chimney sweepers and schoolteachers. These citizen politicians participated in the people’s government result […]

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