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Revenue Growth Vs. Cost Savings – Can’t They Co-Exist?

With the most recent economic downturn and slow recovery, we have all witnessed either personally or with companies we know well an abrupt transition from revenue growth and sales driven entities to lean and mean, cost cutting organizations and now possibly back again to revenue growth. This pendulum, depending on the market and economic conditions,  […]

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Jesus appeared in my sink

The Miracle

Last Sunday started out like any other day. I woke up early, had breakfast and read the Sunday paper. Then everything changed. I went upstairs to shower and found a miraculous event had occurred in the bathroom sink. Jesus appeared in my sink I’m not a religious person but felt I had to pay attention […]

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Cloned Baby Dinosaur

Three Bizarre Stories

I’m always searching for new material and this week I found three incredible stories. 1. Scientists Clone Baby Dinosaur Jurassic Park is real! British scientists successfully cloned a dinosaur. The miraculous creature is an Apatosaurus named Spot. DNA was extracted from fossils and injected into an ostrich to create the clone. There’s no telling where […]

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Why does search marketing matter so much?

Bing Ads Express for Small and Midsize Businesses: Quick and Easy Online Advertising You have seen the ads for Bing, but you haven’t tried it yet, right? When invited to take the Bing It On Challenge, participants chose Bing over Google for the web’s top searches. Try it for yourself at Now you know. […]

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It actually is dark before a storm. It

Fractured Cliché #52

A while back I was talking to a friend who was going through a rough time. I listened to her and offered emotional support. In my attempt to say something that would make her feel better, I told her that it’s always darkest before the storm (Fractured Cliché). When she heard me say that, she […]

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Why does Microsoft offer free resources to teachers?

I have recently had the opportunity to talk with school districts about our Educator Workshops and the online resources Microsoft offers to teachers at no cost. Learning is no longer contained within the four walls of a classroom. A virtual learning environment is powerful in supporting the development of a range of 21st Century skills, […]

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How to add news to your employee newsletter

We share birthdays of the month, engagements and baby arrivals. We announce dates for the Chairman’s visit and when the new phone system will be activated. We include photos from the company picnic and the division awards ceremony. But after the internal messages are communicated, what are we providing to help employees be more engaged, […]

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Using In-Memory to Save Time & Money

Time is our biggest commodity and yet when it comes to dealing with sluggish applications at work — we are willing to accept delays. Employees often feel resigned to the idea that accessing their data takes time. But it doesn’t have to. The key to speeding up your organization’s in-house applications is to unlock the […]

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Get Your Virtual Vacation Here

If you want to go on vacation but don’t have enough money, the first thing that probably pops into your mind is sending a stuffed animal so you can travel vicariously through its fake little eyes. Right? Japanese travel agency, Unagi Travel, thinks so. For the low price range of $35 to $55 (plus the cost […]

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Businesses Reap Rewards with Two Rivers’ Affinity Program for Conferencing Services

TRC Online Meeting Blog: Businesses Reap Rewards with Two Rivers’ Affinity Program for Conferencing Services

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Why choose Office 365?

We know that you work hard at your business, and we work hard to give you tools that can help you be productive, effective and successful in everything you do. I think that one of the most productive tools available is Microsoft Office 365. From home to business, Office 365 installs on your PC or […]

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Queen Thut

Shopping for jeans is a horrific experience, second only to trying on bathing suits. In order to improve the experience, I have fun with it. My latest ploy is to check out my butt in the mirror and loudly declare that it might be dangerous to buy these jeans because they make my butt look […]

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From Sap to Syrup

Finding Beauty in Our Community In the middle of March, a persistent blanket of white and grey snow covers all that was once green, fruitful, and flourishing. It appears to be a cold and barren landscape, however, beneath this hibernating world, deep in the heart of winter, are signs of renewing life. We celebrate one […]

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Homemade Irish Soda Bread

Three Irish Limericks

There once was a master chef Fred, Who fed me Irish Soda Bread. After only one taste, It expanded my waist, Now I’m happy, content and well fed. Homemade Irish Soda Bread With goofy green hats that look garish, Surrounded by friends that we cherish, It’s the one time of year We can drink lots […]

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Trickster Exhibit

Native Art Gallery

Schaumburg is home to the only Native American owned and operated Art Institution in Illinois: The Trickster Art Gallery. It is more than a gallery of contemporary art (post 1960s). As their vision states, they also provide “first voice cultural education and awareness.” A comprehensive gallery, The Trickster showcases various art disciplines; visual, music, educational […]

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The Pig and the Pope

Fractured Cliché #51

I was surprised when I heard about Pope Francis’ motorcycle; he owned a Harley-Davidson “hog” and auctioned it for charity. The bike was only worth about $16K but a mystery buyer paid $327K. I think it’s good the Pope got rid of his bike because cruising past the Coliseum on two wheels doesn’t sound very […]

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Identifying and selecting the very best individual for a key role within the company can be the ultimate challenge .  When considering candidates for a critical position, I have always felt a little uncomfortable basing my decision solely on a resume and 45 minute interview.  As a manager over the years who has hired many […]

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How a customer loyalty program can drive employee engagement

It’s true. When you invest in customer loyalty programs you are also investing in employee engagement programs and here’s why. When customers are loyal and act as brand ambassadors through their reviews, sales, and referrals — this becomes its own morale-building platform for your workforce. When you have satisfied consumers – you will increase employee satisfaction, driving up retention, […]

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Hotel Room Picture

Putin On The Fritz

 (To be sung to the tune of Puttin On The Ritz) If you’re trapped in a bathroom with no doorknob, Can’t drink water that’s full of grit, Putin on the Fritz. Lobbies without floors, bad lights, unfinished rooms, Can’t make a call, Web won’t transmit, Putin on the Fritz. So you came to see all […]

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