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Give your business potential a raise

  Microsoft is teaming up with local business experts to share with you best practices for your business, and the latest solutions to help you transform your business plan from an idea to reality. Also, discover tools to keep connected to your business, prospects, partners, and customers whether in the office or on the go. […]

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Working from Home- Avoiding the Pitfalls

A lot of my photographer friends have closed their studios, due to a lousy economy and changes with the type of work they do. They’ve set up offices in their home, and some have faired better than others. I think it’s kind of a “hunter/gatherer” type thing where some people feel the need to head off […]

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2013 Lucie Awards, Carnegie Hall ©Thomas Kelly

The Value of Photography – (a reminder)

I wrote this blog in the fall of October 2013, after the Chicago Sun Times fired its entire staff of photographers.  Yesterday, the Sun Times laid off its video staff.  I thought that it would be a good time to repost this blog,  about the value of what a professional photographer brings to photography and […]

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red camera

Still Photographers and the New Media Landscape

I’ve been around long enough to know that nothing lasts forever. I’ve experienced the up and down cycles of business and life in general and can tell you that nothing ever stays the same. Having an understanding and acceptance of that gives me the freedom to look around corners for opportunities and think outside the […]

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“Try to have a little more control”

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately purging – getting rid of a lot of stuff I don’t need any longer. I came across a portfolio of architectural drawings that I had made during my days as an architectural student at Syracuse University. Stuck inside the portfolio were graded copies of the drawings with […]

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2014 NAB Show

What Every Photographer Needs to Know About Video?

Video is not a business model – it’s a medium – a medium that is well suited for storytelling and that’s in vogue right now for branding. Consumers today want to know more about a brand before they “buy into” it. When choosing a company’s product or a service, they want to know more about […]

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Maximize Your Organization

Maximize Your Organization’s Potential by Encouraging Responsiveness

Being responsive to your customers goes hand in hand with being attentive to their needs and preferences, which can be achieved through conferencing services Read more at: Schaumburg Linked Local Network » Two Rivers

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