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Top 5 Billing & Invoicing Software – Get Reviews, Free Demos & Price Quotes

Streamlining your billing and invoicing needs with the right software system can make it easier for you to keep track of obligations and collect payments on time. But the billing and invoicing software market has especially high variability because some organizations choose to bill by the hour, others may bill by project percent completion. Other […]

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7 critical changes for Finance in Fed spending bill

The feds avoided a shutdown with its 11th hour spending bill, but it’s exponentially increased Finance’s to-do list in the process! The Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014, aka the “CRomnibus,” bill contained over 50 tax break extenders for both individuals and businesses. The only problem? Most of them are only good until Dec. 31, […]

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Best practices for keeping telecommuters on track

Telecommuting has become one of the most popular benefits companies offer. Whether it’s one or two days a week or full-time work at home, telecommuting can be a challenge. Not just for the folks who work off-site, but also for their direct supervisors back in the workplace. Here are four ways supervisors can ease the […]

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Turn workplace disagreements into a positive

Next time you overhear a work-related disagreement among staffers, don’t be too quick to jump in and mediate.  Reason: Occasional conflict can be a great problem-solving tool (so long as it’s not personal infighting). Why don’t many companies figure out they have big problems on their hands until it’s nearly too late to fix? More often […]

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Going with one vendor? The risks can outweigh the savings

“Single sourcing” with vendors can save companies a lot of money.  But it can be a risky move when it comes to critical supplies and services that your business can’t do without. For example: Imagine if your primary vendor is flooded or burns to the ground. Could you secondary or frequently used vendors fill the […]

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Best Accounting Software: Review Top 10 Systems for 2015

There is a vast array of financial management solutions on the market today, with specialized functionality for almost any industry or size of organization. Specific types of accounting can differ between programs (e.g., project, fund and fixed asset), and the ever-changing standards, compliance requirements and technology platforms make the process of selecting a solution tricky. […]

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Finance in 2014: A by-the-numbers guide

Finance is known as the “numbers people” of any organization. Well, have we got a slew of new numbers for you!  They come in the form of new benchmarks on how finance departments work across the U.S. from Robert Half International and Financial Executives International. And the findings can help you see how your finance […]

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Obamacare reg makes helping employees even harder

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has proven unaffordable – and aggravating – for plenty of employers.  Here’s the latest shoe to drop: The federal departments of the Treasury, Health and Human Services and Labor are prohibiting two strategies that a number of firms had been using to curb healthcare costs. Here’s what the feds’ FAQ […]

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