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Too much of this motivational tactic will backfire

Could your managers be “crying wolf” too often? Could you be doing it too? By “crying wolf,” we mean how the Harvard Business Review describes leaders who over-use motivational techniques. When staffers hear over and over again – “This is a critical project, we need great results on this” – they start to tune leadership […]

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Aa-choo! Don’t let the flu bring your office down

If you’re like most CFOs, you’d rather avoid half of your office coming down with the flu this year! Nothing brings productivity down like a bout of influenza (except for maybe March Madness). The Famers’ Almanac and some climatologists predicting bitterly cold winter weather for much of the U.S. (Cold weather doesn’t cause the flu […]

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iPad For Dummies, Portable Edition eBook (usually $6.99) FREE for a limited time

Part iPod touch, part MacBook, part e-Reader, the iPad combines the best of your favorite gadgets into one ultra-portable touch device. From sending e-mail and surfing the web to taking pictures, watching and recording videos, playing games, downloading apps, and so much more, the fun begins right here with this friendly For Dummies guide. Click […]

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What’s the cost of workplace bullying going unchecked?

Is workplace bullying really on the rise – or does the media just make it seem that way? How you answer may depend on your own workplace experience. Most of us have worked with or for someone we didn’t like, but wouldn’t classify that person as a bully. Yet a surprisingly high percentage of employees […]

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Get survey responses that’ll tell you something: 3 tips

Companies say getting useful info from employees on healthcare surveys can be like pulling teeth (pun intended). That’s often true for other kinds of surveys: company benefits/401Ks, facility satisfaction, charity participation, etc. Keep in mind that employee surveys can reveal potential problems that may be running under the radar. So it’s worth crafting a survey […]

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Could your company’s trash be another firm’s treasure?

Here’s a recycling idea that reduces waste disposal costs and can boost company profits too: Selling your company’s trash to other firms. The practice has has a fancy new name – industrial symbiosis (IS). While some American facilities have been selling their trash for years, it’s booming among European manufacturers. How it works: A company finds others […]

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The Essentials of ERP – Free Kit

The Essentials of ERP, brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your ERP related decisions. The following kit contents will help you get the most out of your ERP research: Can ERP Answer Your Business Needs? How Modern ERP Can Support Greater Customer Experience To ERP […]

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IRS reporting requirements

New IRS instructions give you health reporting to-do list

For years now, employers knew they’d soon have to start reporting their employee health coverage under the Affordable Care Act. And now — finally — you know how.    Earlier this summer, the feds offered some help: Draft forms were finally released of the information returns you and your finance staffers would have to use. […]

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