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T&E in 2015: New forecast helps you set your budgets

Just in time for budget time! New business travel forecasts have been released that can help you determine how much more you’ll pay when road warriors take to the skies and roads next year on the company dime. Plus, it’ll help Accounts Payable know what it should be looking for on expense reports they process. […]

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Talk about a beauty of a workers’ comp case

Are people really getting dumber … … or does social media just make it seem that way? Take this recent case: 22-year-old Shawna Palmer of Riverside, California, worked for Stater Brothers, a grocery store chain. Palmer claimed she fractured a toe on her left foot while working. She complained she couldn’t place any weight on […]

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‘Hey, new guy!’ Mentoring strategies that deliver

It can be tough keeping good workers. The best solution? Create more of them – with a robust mentoring program. It’s a good way to harvest the experience of veteran staffers and bring young talent up to speed quickly. Here’s the lowdown on three common methods with pros and cons laid out: 1. Traditional mentoring […]

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The Essentials of BI (Business Intelligence) Free Kit

The Essentials of BI, brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your BI related decisions. Click here to learn more!   Read more at: CFODailyNews – News and analysis for Finance professionals copy

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3 year-end tasks now for a smoother December

You may still be thinking about your summer vacation – or may even be on it!  but before you know it, year-end will be upon us again. While you can’t jump into your prep with both feet just yet, dipping a collective toe in can ensure you’re well-positioned when the time comes. And you can do […]

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Workers need more help with financial knowledge than ever

Fact: Just 13% of employers say their employees are “very financially literate.”  That’s just one startling stat from the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) “2014 Employee Financial Stress” survey. According to SHRM’s survey: “The majority (70%) of HR professionals report employees as being ‘somewhat financially literate.’ Thirteen percent describe their employees as ‘very financially […]

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Step away from a tough problem and solve it sooner

Ever gotten stuck on a seemingly unsolvable problem? The reason for that could be you’re thinking about it too much. British researchers conducted a study where participants had to come up with as many uses for two cups as possible. One group had to read from the phone book for 15 minutes before brainstorming. The […]

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How to tell which staffers are ready for a bigger role

Companies are looking for good job candidates … … but surveys show they’re having trouble finding them. The solution for some companies is often right in-house. You may have one or more staffers in various departments who are more than capable of taking on additional responsibilities. Some may even be “born leaders” who can bring […]

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