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No griping! Keeping meetings on track

Whether it’s a big meeting or a quick huddle, the last thing you need is someone turning it into a personal gripefest.  All that does is waste everyone’s time and potentially cause problems between people. Don’t let it go bad When a productive meeting starts turning into a blame game, try these tactics to get […]

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The Paperless Office: Is it Time?

The top benefit of a paperless office is the ability to save money by reorganizing paper files into a cohesive, user-friendly electronic system. A document management system, or content management system (CMS), will significantly cut down on employee time wasted day after day by manually filing and searching for physical documents. But is now the […]

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What’s in store for Finance in latest fed budget

Allowance time! The federal government has put out its budget proposal for FY2016. And there’s plenty for Finance tucked among the funding requests.  Take a look at eight provisions with the potential for a major impact on you and your staffers, from Accounts Payable to Payroll to Benefits and beyond. Some help, some hurt Check […]

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Don’t stay stuck in that rut – 3 ways to get moving again

Even when we like our jobs, we can still get into ruts where every day feels like the last one.  Getting stuck in ruts saps your energy, your motivation, even your creativity if you let it. Here are three ways you can break out of those ruts and feel enthusiastic about the job again: 1. […]

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Delegating? Don’t be too hands-off

Once a manager gets over the initial misgiving of delegating jobs to staffers, another misgiving often comes up:  “I wonder how they’re doing – should I check up on them?” Many times the manager in that position errs on the side of not “nagging” their staffers. Turns out that can be a big mistake. The Harvard School […]

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Negotiating a deal? Why timing matters

The old saying “Timing is everything” certainly applies when it comes to negotiating a deal with a vendor.  It’s not just what you say in the negotiating process that matters, but when you say it. Here are three key times in the deal-making process: 1. Before the proposal Hold off on asking for a discount […]

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XChanges Today: Unlocking Your Health Care Strategy

To keep pace with the changing environment, employers must rethink their role in health coverage: how they sponsor, structure, and deliver health benefits, and how they manage costs while keeping employees healthy, productive, and satisfied. This white paper takes a look at the new strategies employers are using and offers a side-by-side look at how […]

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Embracing Error: The first step to quality forecasting

In an unpredictable world, forecasting errors are unavoidable. This webinar offers some valuable guidance, in the form of Six Principles of Forecast Mastery, which point the way to a better future. Watch today and learn why treating forecast error as a friend can help you improve your organization’s performance. Click here to learn more!   Read […]

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