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Dos and don’ts for firing up employees

Sometimes it’s what you don’t do that motivates staffers, not what you do.  Confused? Don’t be. Some folks don’t need coaching and praise every five minutes despite all the mumbo jumbo out there on stroking Millenials egos. Truth is, the best leaders know when to engage their people and when to back off and let them […]

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Dealing with angry people: 4 steps that calm them down

There’s no shortage of complaints and problems that financial pros like yourself deal with – often on a weekly basis.  Whether it’s concerns over benefits, getting funding for a project they think is important or customer complaints, the conversation can get heated from time to time. What do you do when a normal interaction gets […]

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30 Minutes to Maximizing LinkedIn

Use this quick summary to help ensure that you don’t miss out on what LinkedIn has to offer and get started (or restarted) – in a 30 minute read. Neal Schaffer is a leading social me­dia strategist who was recently chosen as a Top 30 Social Media Power Influ­encer by Forbes Magazine. The author of […]

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5 hurdles most finance departments run into at year-end

  Year-end: There’s more than just W-2s and 1099s to get through. Your finance staffers have a slew of tasks to complete by December 31. Unfortunately, there’s a lot working against them. Not only do they have to complete all their usual work in addition to closing the year, but many processes are bogged down […]

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Making sense of new benefit rules under Obamcare

Chances are your HR and Benefits staffers have been trying to make heads or tails of “excepted benefits.”  Under the Affordable Care Act – aka Obamcare – allows for excepted benefits that: don’t count as employer-provided healthcare benefits are offered as additional benefits, or aren’t coordinated with benefits under another plan. Some common examples that […]

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Have facility upgrades coming up? Don’t forget this step

How could making facility improvements, especially the kind that boost your site’s appearance and comfort, cause your company trouble?  Simple: If the job stirs up dust, dirt and contaminants, you could be looking at indoor air quality complaints. The last thing you need is people staying home from work or filing workers’ compensation claims because […]

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Some states are more ‘taxing’ than others

There’s more than one way of measuring how onerous a state’s tax policies are.  Case in point: The Tax Foundation measures all 50 states’ tax burdens every year. It ranks each state on different types of taxes, namely: corporate tax rate individual income taxes sales tax rate unemployment insurance, and property taxes. You can check […]

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2 in 3 cash flow forecasts are inaccurate – are yours?

Quick: How accurate would you say your company’s cash flow forecasts are? If you said “somewhat accurate” you’d be in good company – more than half (53%) of companies admitted their current forecasts fall into that category. And another 8% admit they are “very inaccurate.” That’s the finding of a recent survey by Kyriba. Which […]

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