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Facility maintenance strategies that can save you a ton

If you’re like most companies, the most expensive facility upgrade you’ll make is replacing the roof. With regular maintenance, a company can reduce the needed repairs over the lifetime of the roof to less than 5% of the upfront costs. So making sure your roof stands up to the weather, normal wear and tear, and […]

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Could your facility be draining dollars here?

No doubt you’ve focused on making your heating and air-conditioning systems more energy efficient over the years. Or maybe you’re like many facilities who’ve retrofitted their lighting systems to cut down on electricity usage. But studies show that facility owners and managers don’t always pay attention to water usage – and waste. Believe it or […]

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3 signs that a job candidate could be trouble

Companies are having more trouble than ever finding good candidates to fill positions. So the last thing you need is to waste time on job candidates who may not be all they claim. There are some warning signs that a candidate may not be truthful about his or her qualifications … or who’s not as […]

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Guess who’s turning down job offers left and right?

Looking to fill some job slots – particularly in the IT department? You may have more competition than usual right now. That’s because seventy percent of hiring managers say they plan on beefing up their IT staff through the end of 2014, according to a recent Dice survey. This won’t come as a surprise to […]

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90% of staffers forget training tips just one month later

There’s no doubt about it: Training employees the right way is challenging and time-consuming. And once the latest round of training is over, most supervisors can’t help but wonder if employees “got it.” Too often staffers don’t get it. The latest research on retention shows average adults forget: 40% of what they learned 20 minutes […]

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Perfect timing! 2015 Finance staffer salary metrics released

It’s that time again! You and your team are likely busy setting and approving budgets for 2015. A key part of that: compensation.   And just in time the folks at Robert Half International have just come out with their 2015 Salary Guide for Accounting and Finance professionals. They’ve even broken it down by company […]

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What separates good healthcare plans from low performers?

Most employers are offering full-time employees healthcare coverage even as the costs of coverage escalate. Towers Watson (TW) and the National Business Group (NBG) conduct an annual Health Employer Survey on Purchasing Value in Health Care. Nearly 600 employers with 11.3 million workers participated. Here are the major trends in employer coverage from the 2014 […]

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Can’t motivate some employees? Here’s why

Motivating people is a common problem for business leaders. The reality: Before you deal with problem employees, it’s important to realize the limitations of motivating others. Here are the two most common “myths” about motivation: 1. ‘Leaders motivate people’ Not the case. Motivation, drive, the “inner fire” – that comes from within the individual. Of […]

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