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Best Budgeting & Forecasting Software – Review Top 10 Systems for 2015

The long-term survival of a business depends on its ability to establish a budget and operate within its confines. With the help of business budgeting software, businesses can forecast likely future expenses, plan for inflation, establish more precise and realistic budgets and have a greater chance of achieving ongoing profitability. The unbiased experts at Software […]

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3 stress-busters that will boost productivity too

It’s inevitable – everyone feels stressed with work sometimes.  A recent study found half of employees say they miss one to two days of work per year due to stress, and they sometimes come to work when they’re too stressed to be effective. If a staffer’s feeling stressed out, co-workers often feel the effects through […]

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Good news: More time to comply with Obamacare benefits reporting

There are major changes ahead for what the feds want in Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) statements. The good news? The SBC reg won’t be finalized until at least 2016. That gives employers like yours a good amount of breathing room until you must comply with the wholesale changes to the SBCs. Guidelines will be finalized […]

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Your finance staffers’ favorite part of their jobs is …

They may have a head for numbers, but that might not be what the members of your finance teams enjoy most about their jobs.  What likely gives them the most satisfaction? Problem solving. That’s what topped more than 2,600 accounting and finance professionals’ list in a recent survey from Robert Half International. Two in five […]

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Making sure staffers know exactly what you want

Wouldn’t it be great if staffers completed jobs the exact way you wanted them done, every time?  We haven’t met the manager who’s gotten those results yet! Maybe a drill sergeant or two has, but CFOs can’t bark orders at people like sergeants can. Here’s the problem: Misunderstandings can put your department behind schedule and even […]

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Turning team members’ ideas into cost-cutting solutions

Looking for new ways to reduce costs? (OK, who isn’t?)  The secret may be as simple as asking employees. A couple of years back, AT&T announced that it saved $44 million by adopting energy-saving ideas through its sustainability program. The company challenged employees to come up with ideas for reducing usage across the board. And boy […]

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You have 7 seconds to get and keep their attention

Ready to make an impression on a room full of people? Remember these four lessons from professional speakers: 1. You’ve got seven seconds Some folks think the average adult’s attention span is 30 minutes. Nope, not even close. It’s only seven seconds. Even though we can quickly refocus on the task at hand, our minds wander onto […]

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Top Trending Finance Resources for Spring 2015

Top Trending Finance Resources for Spring 2015 brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your Finance related decisions. Click here to learn more!   Read more at: CFODailyNews – News and analysis for Finance professionals copy

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