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Concern That Japanese Video Game Stores Will Die Out – Kotaku

KotakuConcern That Japanese Video Game Stores Will Die OutKotakuPeople come from around the world to shop at Japanese game stores. Yet, in the country, some worry that those specialty shops will vanish. One insider even thinks video game shops will van… Read more at: Video Games copy

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Choosing Foreign Markets in the Software Industry – 5

This series of posts discusses how to choose foreign markets in the software industry. Entering a foreign market in the software industry is a very strategic decision. Finding, winning, making, keeping and growing customers in foreign countries requires establishing infrastructures, which can drive the marketing and sales processes as well as the implementation and support […]

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Why I Want A Hunger Games Video Game! – moviepilot.com

Uproxx Why I Want A Hunger Games Video Game!moviepilot.comVideogames. Videogames are just awesome, aren’t they? You know what’s better than videogames? Videogames based on movies! Ok, not really. To be honest, tons of movie studios have tried to break in to the video game scene, creating games based on …Review: ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1′ […]

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