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6 Video Games That Wreak Havoc on NYC – Mashable

6 Video Games That Wreak Havoc on NYCMashableNew York City is burning. The famous American metropolis is a popular playground for video games, but more for destruction than just admiring its skyscrapers. The city that never sleeps is often virtually re…

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Commonly Used Definitions in the Software Industry Front Office – 3

In a context the Channel is the way you take (sell) your products and services to your customers. In the software industry the term Channel is often used to describe the situation where independent 3rd party companies resell the software vendor’s products to the final customer. This series of posts are providing definitions for all the …

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Missouri Mavericks’ season ends with 4-3 loss to Arizona in double overtime

The Missouri Mavericks were eliminated from Central Hockey League playoffs in a 4-3 loss to the Arizona Sundogs. Arizona’s Kevin Baker scored the game-winner with 51.3 seconds remaining in the second overtime period, putting the Sundogs into the league…

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Yordano Ventura gets first big-league win as Royals beat Astros 4-2

Yordano Ventura picked up his first big-league victory as the Royals beat the Astros 4-2 on Tuesday night in Houston. Ventura limited Houston to a pair of runs in seven innings. He struck out seven. He threw 101 pitches. It was the fifth start of his c…

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Royals among teams expressing interest in free-agent pitcher Joel Hanrahan

As their big-league bullpen flounders in the early weeks of the season, the Royals are keeping their eyes peeled for external upgrades. The team will send a representative to two-time All-Star closer Joel Hanrahan’s showcase for teams on Thursday, acco…

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(469121) Specialty Paper Company Brings Manufacturing Jobs Back to US Facility.

Seven years ago, Felix Schoeller, a German-based global producer of specialty paper, transitioned from a papermill to a converting company and at that time, the company ceased all major operations in Pulaski, N.Y. and only focused on converting papers …

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China’s President Xi Wants More Military Use of Space: Report

Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly asked his nation’s air force to hasten its integration of air and space capabilities. Some of the Chinese media framed Xi’s request as a response to actions by the United States and other world powers.

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(468706) Court Upholds EPA Emission Standards.

WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal appeals court has upheld the Environmental Protection Agency’s emission standards for hazardous air pollutants from coal- and oil-fired power plants.The appeals court rejected state and industry challenges to rules designed to clean up mercury, arsenic, acid gases and

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LIGO, A Passion for Understanding | Complete Film

More than 900 people are working to achieve what Einstein thought impossible: Detection of gravitational waves from cataclysmic events billions of light years away. Until now, we’ve been deaf to our Universe. We’re about to turn on our ears.

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Blood Moon Photos: Spectacular Total Lunar Eclipse Views by Stargazers (Video, Images)

Stargazers around the world were awed by last night’s total eclipse of the moon. Observers in a North America, South America, Hawaii and parts of Alaska got a spectacular show as the moon turned blood red during the first total lunar eclipse of 2014.

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