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(474360) Hawaiian Springs expands to new market, and King’s Hawaiian gets a sweet $135M finance deal.

Bread and water are big business for King’s Hawaiian and Hawaiian Springs Ltd., two companies with ties to Hawaii.Hawaiian Springs has secured a contract to sell its botted water from the Big Island in the Albertsons Market chain in California, Nevada,…

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Pottery Jenga And The Secret To Being Good At Just About Anything.

If you’ve ever taken a pottery class, you know how truly amazing it is when an  artist turns a lump of clay into a gorgeous vase. It seems so easy when the wheel is spinning and the artist’s wet finger

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Massive Video Game Tournament Aims To Save Lives – Huffington Post

Massive Video Game Tournament Aims To Save LivesHuffington PostYou may remember George Costanza using the principles of Frogger to cross a crowded street. Now a festival in Brazil is seriously considering the relationship between the two activities, in…

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Can video games make your brain level up? – Medical Xpress

Medical XpressCan video games make your brain level up?Medical XpressVideo games often involve fine motor co-ordination, sustained attention and problem solving, often under pressure, all of which give the brain a work out. Frequently playing video gam…

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Labour pledges to scrap requirement for veterans’ pension

Labour says it will scrap a requirement for war veterans to be disabled before they receive a special pension if it gains power, a move already rejected by the Government because it would cost too much.All war veterans would be…

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Commonly Used Definitions in the Software Industry Front Office – 4

In a context the Channel is the way you take (sell) your products and services to your customers. In the software industry the term Channel is often used to describe the situation where independent 3rd party companies resell the software vendor’s products to the final customer. This series of posts provides definitions for all the various …

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Video Games That Embrace Irony – New Yorker (blog)

New Yorker (blog)Video Games That Embrace IronyNew Yorker (blog)That uncompromising setup leant the game a tragic air. In general, video games are about defying the rules of everyday life. Rogue, despite its fantastical premise, seemed to reify them. N…

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U.S. Supreme Court upholds Michigan’s ban on affirmative action

The Supreme Court accorded voters more leeway to challenge affirmative action as justices gave the green light to a Michigan measure that bans preferential treatment in college admissions based on race or ethnicity. In a fractured decision, the court s…

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(473836) ABI expansion includes commitment to WSU’s Innovation Campus.

Shawn Houston / WBJ John Tomblin, executive director of NIAR, said in a press release that the partnership fits the universitys new technology transfer-focused business model and the hoped for economic…

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