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Video game shows how sleep apnea affects memory

Researchers are using video games as tools to conduct their studies. Doctors at NYU used a maze game to figure out how sleep apnea could be affecting your memory. Patients start out at a target point where there’s a waterfall. Then they navigate through the game’s maze and make it to the exit door. However, […]

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Poll: What will astronauts want the International Space Station’s 3D printer to produce next?

The 3D printer aboard the International Space Station has created its first part, a piece of itself called an extruder plate. What will astronauts want to print out next? Read more at: SPACE.com

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How 3D Printing Could Aid Space Exploration

The 3D printer aboard the International Space Station produced its first part today (Nov. 21). The milestone moment marks a big step toward a future in which humanity explores far beyond its home planet, some experts say. Read more at: SPACE.com

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(550220) EXCLUSIVE: Cincinnati tech firm expands to Australia.

Tom Uhlman Kent Savage is the CEO of Apex. He and his employees explain the company’s offerings to customers at its showroom in Mason as well as the U.K., Germany and Bogota. A new location will open s… Read more at: MFRSearch

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Dealing with angry people: 4 steps that calm them down

There’s no shortage of complaints and problems that financial pros like yourself deal with – often on a weekly basis.  Whether it’s concerns over benefits, getting funding for a project they think is important or customer complaints, the conversation can get heated from time to time. What do you do when a normal interaction gets […]

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George Washington Strike Group Maintains Security and Stability during 2014 Patrol

The George Washington Carrier Strike Group (GWCSG) arrived at its forward operating location of Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan upon completion of its 2014 patrol, Nov. 25. Read more at: U.S. Navy News Top Stories Read more at: Veteran Linked Local Network

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Charlotte home price gains buck national trend

Annual home price gains across the U.S. continued to slow in September, but the Charlotte metropolitan area bucked that trend as it posted higher year-over-year appreciation compared with August, according…Click to Continue » Read more at: The Charlotte Observer — * Home Page Mapping ~ Top Stories

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