The Empowerment Show

Melissa Heisler, Empowerment Coach

Melissa Heisler, Empowerment Coach

The Empowerment Show – Be uplifted and inspired by personal stories of empowerment.  Each week brings new stories of courage, support, and overcoming challenges.

How do you become empowered? Discover new personal choices from inspiring and practical guides.  How can their personal stories can inspire you?

Melissa interviews guests from around the world uncovering their journey to empowerment.  What did they overcome?  How did they find the courage, determination, the stamina?  How do they now empower others?

Melissa’s guests come from the world of entertainment, business, government, health and the wider world; wherever individuals are needing, teaching, and inspiring empowerment.

Listen live Tuesday nights at 6pm CST or to archived shows below anytime to receive information, inspiration, and an ability and desire to make changes in your life and the lives of others.

Our next shows are:

November 5, 2013:  Learn how to go from stuck to unstoppable when Rae Luskin joins The Empowerment Show.

November 12, 2013:  Learn about women’s achievements that have been lost over the years as Barbara Joan Zeitz talks to us about her new book, From Cherry Blossoms to Cell Phones on The Empowerment Show.

November 19, 2013:  Has once inspiring work become stale? Are you in career transition? Listen in for help & guidance from Rikk Hansen on The Empowerment Show.

Melissa Heisler, Empowerment Coach

Melissa Heisler of It’s My Life, Inc. helps individuals find joy, balance, empowerment, and success in their work and home lives.  For employees, she educates and instills work-life balance, career exploration, and job transition.  For business owners, she assists in start-up, growth, and day-to-day survival using 15 years of product and brand marketing experience.  Melissa’s own experiences allow her to be compassionate and understanding as you make your journey, and her drive and organizational skills will help keep you on your path.  She holds a degree in Theatre Arts, a Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications, and is a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, so whether you come from the left brain world of business or have a creative right brain she can speak your language.  Melissa Heisler is a contributor for Women’s Ally a subscription-based community of support for professional women to manage career and life, and a contributing author for the books, Be There Now and Defining Moments.  Melissa speaks to large and small groups and has appeared on local television.  Read her inspirational and thought-provoking blogs.

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Empowerment Show Episodes:

  • Being a Subtle Shark in Your Career – Ayesha R. Patterson (2/23/2014) - Starting out in your career? Want to make the most of your position? Want to find the ideal job? Listen to this lively discussion about finding an authentic and appropriate job even in this difficult economy. Then, once you have landed a new job how do you make the most of the position you are […]
  • The Catalyst (2/22/2014) - At first I didn’t know why I felt so poorly. I thought that it might just be due to my new job filled with travel, deadlines, and an ever-changing focus. My stress-levels increased while my exercise decreased. My eating habits became poor as processed, prepackaged convenience foods and the perceived need for caffeine became the […]
  • Surviving Domestic Abuse – Tom North on The Empowerment Show (2/16/2014) - In 1968 a film came out with Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda about two widows with eight and ten children respectively coming together and making a large merged family. It was a box-office success. And it was based on a real family, but it wasn’t the real story. Tom North, child number eleven of twenty […]
  • What We Can Do to Prevent and Heal from Child Abuse with Ginger Kadlec (2/9/2014) - What are the signs of child abuse? How can you prevent child abuse? What should you do if a child tells you there is abuse? How to deal with shame of the child and guilt of the parent after abuse? There are staggering statistics that one in four girls and one in six boys have […]
  • Flexibility and Outcome (2/8/2014) - For the past five years, I have been earnestly working on writing my first solo book. The concept originally started with musings on my walk to my old corporate job. Then I wrote a few essays and ideas. None seemed to take shape. After leaving corporate America, I knew it was the time to make […]
  • Reality Versus Illusion – Paranormal Magician Joe Diamond on The Empowerment Show (2/4/2014) - You may be asking yourself, “What is a magician doing on The Empowerment Show?” The answer is that Joe Diamond’s magic empowers us to open our minds, awareness, and sixth sense. Joe’s brand of magic blends technique with showmanship, but his special ingredient is a touch of intuition. During performances he reads minds, pulls intimate […]
  • Expanding Children’s Creativity with author Donna Scott-Nusrala on The Empowerment Show (1/26/2014) - When is a children’s book not a children’s book?  When on the surface it is fun and engaging, but below the surface it promotes creativity, scientific knowledge, and being in touch with the senses.  Listen in to this fun conversation with author Donna Scott-Nusrala as she leads us through her collection of engaging, entertaining and […]
  • At One (1/25/2014) - There have been many times in my life, and still some today, when I fight reality.  I want a different outcome.  I desire for things to be different than they are.  I pray for divine intervention to change the facts.  What usually occurs are that the facts remain and all I have done is to […]
  • Mind-Body Medicine with Dr. Archana Lal-Tabak on The Empowerment Show (1/18/2014) - After a being misdiagnosed by thirty (30) doctors and experiencing side effects from the fourteen (14) medications, Dr. Archana Lal-Tabak took back her health and completely healed naturally.  Today she now helps others return to health using modern and ancient techniques. We do not need to be a victim of our genes.  We are not […]
  • Healthcare System Loop of Self-Destruction Anatoliy Pak on The Empowerment Show (1/12/2014) - There is a lot of talk these days about the healthcare system and what can be done to provide more insurance to individuals in need.  But what if the concept of insurance was actually one of the problems with the United States healthcare system?  What if the problem was seeing Western medicine critical care as […]
  • Blow Your Resolutions Already? (1/11/2014) - This is the time of the year when we historically look to make resolutions.  “This year I am going to [fill in the blank with stop smoking, lose weight, leave my job, etc.].”  The resolutions are usually built around disappointment with ourselves (I’m fat) or are a punishment (I love to smoke, but it is […]
  • Healing Vertigo and Vestibular Disorders with Dr. Michele Kehrer on The Empowerment Show (1/9/2014) - There are so many who suffer in silence.  They are afflicted by a pain that others can not see, yet it is debilitating.  Their eyes and nervous systems can be affected.  They can be nauseous to the point of throwing up.  These individuals have vertigo, dizziness, and other vestibular disorders. Their illness could have come […]
  • Leading an Inspired Life – Susyn Reeve (12/26/2013) - Are you leading an inspired life?  A life where you are fulfilling your passion and purpose.  A life where your unique gifts support and give to others.  Susyn Reeve hopes so and if you are not, she can show you how.  With 40 years of experience as a Leadership & Executive Development Coach & Mentor […]
  • First There Was Sound – Healing through Ancient Music with Eliana Gilad (12/18/2013) - Eliana Gilad joins us from Jerusalem especially for Christmas week to share with us the power and history of sound.  Eliana is a motivational speaker, teacher, composer, performer and founder of Voices of Eden Ancient Healing and Transformational Music. She is dedicated to her life’s work to revive the conscious use of voice and rhythm […]
  • Follow Your Dream in 2014 (12/17/2013) - My husband and I were blessed to visit Mexico three times in 2013.  The last visit we finally met Tori and Mike in person.  We had met them online and they were nice enough to ask us to visit them at their home in Pescadero.  After an hour bus ride from Cabo San Lucas, we […]
  • Empowering Those with Disabilities – Debra Ruh (12/11/2013) - Debra knew that her daughter Sara was bound for great things.  But no one else seemed to agree.  Not the doctors who said she would never speak or walk.  Not her teachers who thought her best hope was becoming a bagger at a supermarket.  Debra and Sara knew differently and now Sara in her 20’s […]
  • Hardwiring Happiness with Dr. Rick Hanson on The Empowerment Show (12/4/2013) - Buddha’s Brain by Dr. Rick Hanson is one of the books that changed my life.  In this book Dr. Hanson provided concrete scientific proof that we can improve our experiences by retraining our brain.  The concept of neuroplasticity was instrumental in changing my life and the lives of my clients.  In Buddha’s Brain, Dr. Hanson […]
  • 2013 Holiday Special (12/3/2013) - My Gift to You In the spirit of the holiday and to show my gratitude to all my wonderful clients and supporters, I would like to offer new and existing clients a special offer.  Start the new year right with a focus on you, your development, and your joy. For a limited time, you can […]
  • Harnessing the Power of Gratitude-Intention-Affirmation (GIA) (12/3/2013) - Recently I have been guided to increase, revise and recommit myself to my morning routine.  My practice was slacking a bit and it seemed to be missing some important elements.  Here is my current, recommitted routine.  Every morning for years now, I read the Daily Guide in Science of Mind magazine.  I always find these […]
  • Overcoming Challenges with a Fighting Spirit – Paul Delger on The Empowerment Show (11/27/2013) - Sometimes our challenges seem insurmountable.  Between a tyrannical boss, needy children, and inattentive spouse we feel like we have daily battles to fight.  However these are all external battles.  What if our battle was with our own body? Imagine being born with cerebral palsy and being restricted in the use of the right side of […]

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