The Video Game That Maps The Galaxy – New Yorker (blog)

New Yorker (blog)The Video Game That Maps The GalaxyNew Yorker (blog)In 1961, members of M.I.T.’s Tech Model Railroad Club created Spacewar, one of the first video games that ran on the university’s hulking hundred-and-twenty-thousand-dollar PDP-1 mainframe computer. Spacewar, like so many of the video games that … Read more at: Video Games copy

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Senators walk out of budget negotiations; blame House for breaking rules

State budget negotiations got off to a bad start Wednesday when Senate Republicans, who objected to school personnel talking about education cuts, walked out of the committee room. McCrory says…Click to Continue » Read more at: The Charlotte Observer — * Home Page Mapping ~ Top Stories

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MBDA Recognizes 2014 National MED Week Award Winners

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 9, 2014 Contact: Al Betancourt – MBDA Public Affairs Email:     WASHINGTON (July 9, 2014) —The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) t… Read more at: MBDA Syndicated News Feed

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Brian R King

EP 16: When Your Family Members Reject Your Child with ADHD

  Why is it that the parents of children with ADHD or any special need for that matter can often find support from complete strangers or close friends, only to experience hurtful criticism, profound ignorance and sometimes rejection from their own family members? Listen as Brian explains why this happens and what you can do […]

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You Have To Do The Time.

There’s no shortcut for the time that it takes for you to start seeing results. You can’t wish that time to be any shorter. You can’t will that time to be in a shorter. Big plans don’t just take lots of money and effort and smart thinking, they take time — sometimes lots of it. […]

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