U.S.-led airstrikes hit Syria oil refinery near Turkey

Airstrikes likely carried out by a U.S.-led coalition struck an oil refinery in Syria held by the Islamic State group Sunday, a witness said, shaking buildings and sending flames shooting into the air near the Turkish border. Read more at: airforcetime… Read more at: Veteran Linked Local Network

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Which October Game Are You Most Looking Forward To? – The Escapist

Boston Herald Which October Game Are You Most Looking Forward To?The EscapistAfter all, while Zelda, Mario, Metroid and Fire Emblem fans may disagree on what the best game for any given Nintendo system is, they can all find something to like in Smash Bros. (even if it’s just beating on their least-favorite characters. I’m …Sears’ […]

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Veterans Feel Silenced After VA Meeting

WHITE CITY, Ore. — Veterans are dissatisfied after the White City VA promised an open public forum Friday night, but restricted their ability to speak. Residents at the facility were prevented from talking to media or even home videographers unless they signed a waiver. However, waivers were not brought to the meeting in the first […]

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A peek behind the jobs curtain: How Charlotte lost one company to SC

Last winter, the Lash Group, a fast-growing Charlotte health care consulting company, had a decision to make: Do we keep our headquarters in Charlotte, or move across the border to…Click to Continue » Read more at: The Charlotte Observer — * Home Page Mapping ~ Top Stories

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